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Episode 790
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It's Where the Powder Comes From
Date Published January 2nd, 2007
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Drizz'lGarland, why are you helping Bikke to mutiny against you?
GarlandThere are two reasons.
One, I wanted to try out a new recipe. See, it called for lettuce.
But I'm a firm proponent of baby spinach leaves.
Garland is standing in front of a crop of baby spinach
GarlandI feel they can deliver a richness of flavor far in excess of mere lettuce without sacrificing the tactile experience it brings.
Drizz'lThe mutiny?
GarlandOh, that.
The other reason is that nothing will come of it.
Bikke is, to put it politely, not smart. He couldn't mutiny water out of a glass.
Vilbert is a goth kid.
He's too busy trying to look like he stumbled into that aesthetic by raw force of cooler-than-thou to do anything.
And you have been a broken dark elf ever since Fighter took your swords.
So in a highly-calculated balance of power and treachery kind of way, I have nothing to fear.
Drizz'lBut what if you're wrong?
Garland directs Drizz'l's attention to the taco.
GarlandAll of the tacos contain amnesia peppers. In an hour, this meeting will have never actually happened.
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