8-Bit Theater
Episode 816
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Cornerian Hold 'em
Date Published March 6th, 2007
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Gary Sire, I brought the latest--
King Steve Oh, I'm not your king.
Gary Okay. Who are we today then, sir?
King Steve Not the king, but still Steve. Stranger.
Gary Just because you think you're not king today doesn't mean you don't know me anymore.
King Steve That's a good point, Gary.
Gary I endeavor to please.
King Steve You will serve your king well.
Gary And I assume that's still not you, is it?
King Steve Oh, heavens no.
I lost my kingship to Rodney in last night's poker game.
Gary You bet the entire kingdom and lost?
King Steve Oh, my yes. Quite badly.
Gary To your own right hand man, Rodney, whom I have never actually met despite being your left hand man.
King Steve The left hand can never know what the right hand is doing. That's the foundation of my kingly philosophy, you know. Also, Rodney is imaginary, so...
Gary You lost the kingdom in a card game against yourself?
King Steve As it turns out, I'm a very good card player. But also a very, very bad one.