8-Bit Theater
Episode 817
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Pravokan Pazaak
Date Published March 8th, 2007
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GaryWell, I still have the latest reports from the war against the elves.
King SteveSounds like a matter for the king's ears.
GaryKing Rodney.
King SteveYes.
GaryThe imaginary.
King SteveYes. Is that going to be a problem?
GaryI don't know how to answer that.
Maybe you could deliver the report.
King SteveMe? Oh, I rather think not, no.
The old king would kill messengers who brought ill news. Or good news.
Or no news at all.
Some say he was quite mad, you know.
A long period of silence.
King SteveGary?
GaryI'm carefully considering how to reply to that.
King SteveAny luck?
Another long period of silence.
GaryWanna play a card game?
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