8-Bit Theater
Episode 818
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Harmful if Swallowed
Date Published March 10, 2007
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Red Mage I can't believe they had the gall to call that food.
Fighter I can't believe we ate it.
Black Mage The biscuits were made out of lead. Solid goddamned lead.
Red Mage Fried lead.
Fighter I think I can see through time.
Red Mage We all ate the biscuits, Fighter. We can all see through time.
Black Mage The yawning chasm at the end of all things isn't quite as oppressive as what's churning in my gut.
Red Mage You mean the turkey sandwich?
Black Mage Yeah, I think there was something in it. Something larval.
Red Mage Surely we can best this dinner.
Fighter We've defeated all sorts of things. Like witches and dragons.
Black Mage And a witch on a dragon.
Red Mage Yeah, that's a memory we needed right now.
Meanwhile, back at Corneria Castle...
Sara And that's when you suggested another poker game.
Gary Yes.
A length of string is shown.
Sara And that's why a length of string is now our ruler.
Gary Er, yes.
Sara And it was eligible in the first place because...?
Gary Well, we needed a fourth.