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Episode 899
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Don't Mention the Dragon War
Date Published 2007/09/27
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Dragoon explains the secret of his jumping ability.

Cast Appearing[]


Mirage Tower


Dragoon The secret of my jumping technique is an ancient technique. Also, a secret.
Red Mage See? That explains itself!
Thief Or, alternately, it doesn't explain a goddamned thing.
Red Mage No, not actually, but details aren't important.

Could be an ancient pact made with the spirits of the air.

Dragoon Nope! No, wait, that's it exactly.

In an age long past, a horrible race of pointy-eared jerks ruled all the world with their army of dragons.

Thief They sound sympathetic. And handsome.
Dragoon No one could oppose them. No one until a warrior--
Thief Besought the very spirits of the air, yadda yadda, now the jumping.
Dragoon Skipping the epic history parts, yes, that's accurate.
Red Mage So what happened? Why are you the last?
Dragoon Jumping a thousand feet into the air to put a spear through the throat of a dragon isn't as safe as it sounds. Sure, ethereal forces guide you unerringly to your target, but dragons have claws, fire, and a lot of evil.
Fighter No way, a dragon gave us superpowers. It's great!
Dragoon Which dragon?