8-Bit Theater
Episode 900
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Terrific Medical Benefits Too
Date Published 2007/09/29
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Dragoon has theories on the bestowing of god-king status.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

Tower of Air

Script[edit | edit source]

Thief Fighter, when you talk to a guy who hates dragons, you shouldn't tell him how cool you think dragons are.
Dragoon Shouldn't you invent a reason for me to jump away so you think I can't hear what you're saying?
Red Mage I like it better when the people we meet are dumber than we are.
Thief Yeah, that's...I prefer that.
Dragoon Besides, I don't hate dragons.
I just believe they're a blight upon the Earth.
Thief And Fighter was kidding anyway.
Fighter It was Bahamut, the God-King of Dragons.
Thief Good, good. Everything is falling apart so completely. That's good.
Dragoon Bahamut?
Never heard of him.
God-King, though? That's a sweet gig.
Do you interview for that...?
Could be appointed by committee.
Y'know, you're probably...
I bet you have to be born into it.
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