8-Bit Theater
Episode 901
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It Must Be Leap Year
Date Published 2007/10/02
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Red = Blue. Common knowledge.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Red Mage Did anyone want to hear the epic tale of how I came to be the last of the noble red mages?
Thief So far, it sounds like you bored them to death.
Black Mage would've laughed at that if he was still alive.
Dragoon Oh, have I killed? Again? I thought he was napping.
Thief With you standing on his spine?
Dragoon Hm, you have a point. I'll just hop off then.
Dragoon jumps.
Red Mage This could be a problem for us.
Thief If he lands on Fighter it will specifically not be a problem for us.
Dragoon comes down on Red Mage.
Thief Huh.
Y'know if you vaporized him, you get to take his place. It's in the contract.
Red Mage comes down on Black Mage.
Thief Okay...