8-Bit Theater
Episode 903
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Date Published 2007/10/06
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Black Mage is a thinker.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Black Mage Get offa me!
Red Mage Hey! How'd you live?
Black Mage Spite!
Now, if Jumpin' Jack Ass and Red Moron are done, we do have a quest to finish up here.
Thief Since when do you care about quests?
Black Mage Since it's a convenient excuse to butcher Sir Hopsalot for revenge.
Dragoon You mean Red Mage or me?
Black Mage Yes.
Dragoon As I told your comrades, I do not have the Orb of Air.
Black Mage Y'know, that's the kind of detail I'm prepared to work out after you die.
Dragoon I used to have it. But then it got kinda lost.
Or slightly stolen. I was never exactly clear on that.
Thief I knew this was the tower!
Black Mage Great, let's gut the jerk!
Dragoon But I don't have the orb.
Black Mage Don't care. Gonna gut ya.