8-Bit Theater
Episode 904
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The Doors Had No Bass
Date Published 2007/10/09
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Don't let geniuseses get you down.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Thief You actually had the orb of air, only now it's gone and you don't know why?
Red Mage You can call me crazy, but something like one of the four pillars upon which the world depends for survival is something I'd, y'know, keep tabs on.
Fighter It's not a pillar. It's an orb. That's like a ball.
Red Mage Thanks, Fighter. Just Thanks.
Dragoon I don't know what to tell you.
One minute there were these door-to-door door salesmen, and then--
Black Mage Wait. What?
Flash back to the "salesmen's visit."
Dragoon I'm afraid I already have all the doors I require.
Rogue Maybe y'do, maybe y'don't.
Maybe we could check.
Starting with any doors you might have that lead to an orb room.
Dragoon Hm, you're the experts.
Back to present day
Thief And then the orb went missing?
Dragoon Thereabouts.
Thief The old Door-to-Door Door Salesman Scam.
They're good. Thief good.
It's the scam I'd use or advise others to use.
We may be dealing with a band of guys.