8-Bit Theater
Episode 906
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Fair Warning
Date Published 2007/10/11
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Don't breach policy or this will happen to you.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Fighter I can't seem to find any clues. How about you, Thief?
Thief Well, my amazing Elven memory tells me that Dragoon said they were here months ago.
So, my amazing Elven common sense tells me there aren't any clues out here anymore.
It then goes on to say I knew that before coming out here, but anything's better than listening to the casters.
Cut to inside the tower
Red Mage Okay, your fire and lightning are out.
Perhaps the frigid touch of ice could bring hot devastation to this tower!
Black Mage That's stupid. The only thing an ice spell is good for is a party.
Red Mage And yet I'm so very alone.
Dragoon Awkward.
Red Mage As the last of the order of the Red Mages, the sting of isolation has been my ever-present friend.
There is no one who knows the tragedy of my lonely fate. The long, long, long tale of that tragedy.
A tragedy that begins a long, long, long tale of boring minutia and anecdotes that go nowhere.
So, let's get started, shall we?
Black Mage Shut it, or this will happen to you.
Black Mage stabs Red Mage.