8-Bit Theater
Episode 907
Or a bird!
Or a bird!
Episode 907: Animal Companion.
Date Published 2007/10/16
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They're wasting some more time of course.

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

Tower of Air

Script[edit | edit source]

Fighter Thief has a theory about who took the air orb, guys.
Thief No, what I said was:
This is a bigger waste of time than all the other big wastes of time we have ever wasted time on.
Fighter Right. So, I think the other warriors took it.
Thief Good gods, of course they did. They told us as much.
Fighter Right. So, I think the other warriors took it.
Thief removes the knife from Red Mage's chest.
Red Mage Oh, thank you.
It was pressing on my heart.
Thief kicks Red Mage while speaking to Fighter.
Thief This is for you, but kicking him is easier.
A scritching sound is heard.
Dragoon One moment, guys. That's Muffin. She's probably hungry.
Dragoon starts to leave.
Thief Muffin?
Muffin appears behind Thief.
Black Mage goes in a shocked state with small eyes.
Fighter Maybe Dragoon has a dog. Or a kitty!
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