8-Bit Theater
Episode 908
Not entirely made of daggers
Not entirely made of daggers
The Life Draconic
Date Published 2007/10/18
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Black Mage is seeing a lot of daggers.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Thief It smells suspiciously like dragon in here.
Muffin has opened her mouth above Thief's head.
Fighter Thought you didn't believe in dragons.
Thief I said it was suspicious, didn't I?
Fighter Okay, wow. Good point.
Muffin starts to leave.
Black Mage Teeth like daggers. Eyes...also like daggers.
Fighter How does that work?
Thief Piercing Gaze?
Fighter You're just on fire today!
Black Mage Notably dagger-like scales.
Fighter I think he's talking about a shark. A dagger shark.
Thief Is that-- What is that? A shark made of daggers?
Fighter Not entirely, no.
Fighter I doubt that daggers could act as a viable blood substitute.
Fighter Even if the daggers were really tiny.
Thief starts to wonder about something else.
Fighter Y'know, I think that'd be painful. From all the really tiny cuts.
Thief Why hasn't Black Mage stabbed you in the back of the neck yet?
Fighter and Thief look at the still shocked Black Mage with tiny eyes.
Fighter I know, right? Hope he's feeling okay.