8-Bit Theater
Episode 909
What he said.
What he said.
Plausibly Deniable
Date Published 2007/10/20
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Maybe it was a parrot.

Cast Appearing[]


Tower of Air


Dragoon returns.
Dragoon Sorry about that, guys.
Dragoon Muffin gets cranky if I miss feeding time.
Black Mage throws his arms in the air.
Black Mage Dragon!
Fighter That's an odd thing to blurt.
Black Mage There was a dragon! Right here! All full of teeth and fire.
Thief In this room?
That makes no sense.
A) Dragons are huge, and B) They are largely fictional.
And put your arms down!
Black Mage puts his arms down.
Black Mage It was real! It had fangs and scales and everything.
Dragoon Are you sure it wasn't just a very tall lizardman with bad teeth?
Black Mage I've seen dragons before, I know one when I see it!
Thief It'd be easier to believe your claimsif they weren't really stupid.
Fighter Maybe it was a unicorn.
Let me finish.
Dressed up like a dragon.
Black Mage Shut.
Dragoon Y'know.
There's a simple way to solve this.
Fighter Or a lizardman in a unicorn suit disguised as a dragon.