8-Bit Theater
Episode 912
Freudian slip, BM
Freudian slip, BM
For Real Emergencies
Date Published 10/27/2007
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And this isn't one of them.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Dragoon Oh, the metallic parrots. And the prismatic ones.
There's a 'lot of those.
The great horned parrot hatchling.
Dragoon And the thunder lizard.
Black Mage You've made your point.
Now shut up.
Black Mage Thank you.
Black Mage Do we have any idea what's going on here.
Fighter Yes!
Dragoon has met a lot of parrots.
Fighter And I didn't realize how much they look just like dragons.
Black Mage It's good that you say things like that Fight, they never make me want to end you.
Fighter We're BFF!
Black Mage Yes. That is what we are. We're BFF it hurts.
Fighter I think it's time for some platonic hugging!
Black Mage By the ten thousands godless hordes, where is Red Mage?
Thief Yeah, he'd want in on that hug action.
Black Mage Then it's a real shame he's going to miss that's not what I want him for!
Thief Hey, what you apes do is your own business.
I won't judge.
To your face