8-Bit Theater
Episode 914
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The Truth As He Sees It
Date Published Thursday, November 1st
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Thief's daring plot goes unnoticed by Dragoon.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Thief It's not going to work, Dragoon.
Dragoon Okay.
For my own reference, though, which thing that I'm not doing is this that won't work?
Thief Trying to extort money and treasure from us so you won't feed Red Mage to your evil dragon.
Dragoon You know you kicked him into the next room.
We all saw it.
Thief Allegedly.
It's a hard fact that eye-witness testimony is unreliable at best.
Thief The mind concocts its own story of what "really" happened even if it has to invent memories to support the mental narrative.
Thief The way I remember it, you kidnapped Red Mage.
Thief And which lies am I more likely to believe? Yours or mine?
Dragoon Is everything you guys do is unnecessarily duplicitous as this?
Black Mage No. This is fairly straightforward.
Black Mage I haven't enacted any of my nine concurrent assassination plots yet.
Thief I'm sorry, but you actually think about those things ahead of time?
Thief They always seem kind of half-assed.
Black Mage Maybe to the stupid untrained elf eye.
Shows Black Mage's list:
Kill Fighter with
  • A knife
  • or a stick
  • or a cliff
  • or invent guns and then use the guns
  • or a big spell with fire and screaming
  • or two knives!


Is is misprinted as as.