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Episode 915
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Cult Of Stupidity
Date Published Saturday, November 3, 2007
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Well, this explains a lot.

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Red MageAll I wanted to do was talk about the tragic story of my lonely life as the last of the Red Mages.
Red MageI mean, y'know, that's character development right there.
Red MageI could stop being so one-dimensional I could really live.
MuffinTragic stories of being the last of an elite order is pretty darn one-dimensional anyway.
Red MageWell, of course it is, but you get a good XP or kudos bonus for coming up with a backstory.
Mine is a tale that sweeps through all of history!
MuffinDidn't really ask.
Red MageIt begins with the thaumatic genius Red Magus and his mad theory that the universe is governed by numbers.
Red MageHe started a secret society dedicated to the illumination of these numbers and their interactions.
They found most of the rules concerned combat and magic systems.
Red MageProbably because it'd be a really boring universe without them.
But the knowledge they gained came at a terrible price.
Red MageThe order's numbers were never high.
Probably because they had their sacred meetings on Friday nights when the other mages when clubbing.
Red MageMembership dwindled with every generation.
Probably because hitting each other with swords and spells to calculate their effects is fatal
And so, I am the last of order of Red Magi!
MuffinOh, I see. You stupided yourselves into extinction.
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