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Episode 916
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Getting to Know You
Date Published Tuesday, November 6th, 2007.
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Red Mage's class on how to be a good RPG character starts now!

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Red Mage I think everyone should work up a unique back-ground story before the adventure starts.
Muffin I kind of hoped this conversation died.
Red Mage They have a million uses!
Red Mage Or at least several.
Red Mage You background can justify unrealistic equipment load outs.
Red Mage "Where'd you get that masterwork sword?"
Dad was the greatest swordsmith of his age!
"Okay, why's your melee skill so high?"
I trained my whole life to avenge his murder!
Red Mage Quicktip: Tragedy equals depth.
Red Mage You can even use your background to justify crazy stuff that completely contradicts it.
Red Mage "Where did you get that ancestral Dwarven full plate you can't even wear because you're goddamn human?"
My dead master swordsmith dad was an armorer. Also a dwarf.
Red Mage Secrets equals depth too.
Quicktip:Lies Disguised as secrets also equal depth.
Muffin Yeah, I guess I've got one of those backgrounds too.
Muffin Ten thousands years ago I established the Dragoonish order to kill of the other dragons so I could tak all their power, treasure, and knowledge.
Then I systematically killed the Dragoons so they'd never find out thier generations of work to save humanity from evil dragons benefited the most evil dragon in the world.
Red Mage Secrets, lies, and tragedy. The Trifecta.


Knowledge was misspelled knowlege.