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Episode 917
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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
Date Published Thursday, September 8th, 2006
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The prophecy is reveled!

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Red Mage There's some holes in that story, of course.
I mean, for one thing, I met a couple of dragons.
Muffin Well, Maybe I didn't kill every single dragon.
But all the big ones were taked out, I can assure yo-
Red Mage Bahamut
Muffin Bahamut was never a threat.
He'll slumber until the prophecy of the enlightened warrior fulfilled to usher in the final days.
Red Mage Hey, isn't it great that we never woke him up!
Red Mage I have to…I have to go not warn anyone about anything.
Red Mage rushes to go find the rest of the group.
Red Mage I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think we doomed all creation.
Black Mage We're ahead of schedule or…?
Red Mage I think we did the big bad wrong when we awakened Bahamut.
Black Mage (winks) You're thinking of Matoya.
Red Mage
Thief I am now.
Black Mage Y'know, Matoya?
Gettin' messy with Bahamut.
Dragoon I don't understand the reference.
Black Mage Screw you guys. That was gold, and you know it.