8-Bit Theater
Episode 918
Date Published Saturday, November 10th, 2007
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Oh really?

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Thief Okay, so you owe us 600 GP in reparations for the death of Red Mage.
Dragoon But he's right there. He's doing fine.
Thief That could be any idiot in a goofy hat.
Red Mage Guys, shut up, I have a quest update here.
Thief Red Mage, I cannot possibly tell you how much you've compromised our bargaining position.
Black Mage I could kill him.
Red Mage Seriously, the world is in peril!
Red Mage Think about it. We've been on quest to save the world from a doom prophecized ages ago.
Red Mage But have you noticed that everywhere we go, there's really not that much evil to vanquish?
Black Mage Beyond ourselves, I assume.
Red Mage We may have triggered a real prophecy of global doom while parading around.
Red Mage And now we actually have to do something about it.
Red Mage Oh, and Dragoon, your pet dragon is evil.
Dragoon Muffin's a Dragon?!
Silence as Black Mage gives a confused look.