8-Bit Theater
Episode 919
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Pulp Comic
Date Published Tuesday, September 11, 2007
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Dragoon talks about the neighborhood.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Dragoon Muffin is a dragon.
It all makes sense now.
Like, when I'd say "Polly want a cracker?" she'd say "No, Muffin want to rip a knight in half and suck out the pulp."
Black Mage And you didn't find that to be alarming at all?
Dragoon I thought it was something she picked up from the neighbor's kids.
Dragoon Then they were found ripped in half with their pulp sucked out a few months ago.
And there's nothing suspicious about that.
Black Mage Yeah, I'm sure kids get ripped in half and have their pulp sucked out every other day.
Dragoon Around here they do.