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Episode 921
Here's Red Mage playing his recurring role as voluntary cannon fodder.
Here's Red Mage playing his recurring role as voluntary cannon fodder.
Superior Strategy
Date Published Saturday, November 17th, 2007
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Red Mage has another plan.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Red Mage Well, look, she doesn't suspect anything. We can all rush in there and slay her face off.
Red Mage She won't know what hit her, dragons are slow lumbering beasts.
Dragoon Oh, heavens no. Dragons are as the wind!
Dragoon They can only be considered slow if you completely ignore objective reality.
Red Mage Done! Who's with me?
Black Mage Okay, I hate saying this, but I think Red Mage has a point.
Black Mage With the element of surprise, we can take the dragon off guard and cripple it before it can do anything to us.
Red Mage Then it's settled!
Black Mage Yup. Settled to the max.
Red Mage (Rushing into Muffin's room) Charge!
Cut to Red Mage standing alone in front of Muffin with his sword drawn.
Red Mage Dragoon, go for the neck! Thief, Achilles Heel, Now! Black Mage, death spells!
Cut back to the others, still standing in the previous room.
Black Mage I only said he had a point. Not that I endorsed following through on it in any way.
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