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Episode 959
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Last Chance
Date Published February 23rd, 2008
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Thief steps up his negotiations.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Sky Castle


Muffin You are brash, elf. I will give you that. But nothing more. Your position is weak.
If you truly believed I could be so easily slain, you'd simply do so rather than bargain.
Thief I only wish to avoid the unnecessary bloodshed such a battle would incur.
Muffin You're an elf. Your history is a very long love poem dedicated to bloodshed. And to yourselves.
Thief Or maybe I want an elder dragon indebted to me for the rest of our incredibly long lives.
Muffin Oh, this is beyond rich. You expect to get the Orb of Air from me and favors?
Thief And why not? I'm already doing you a favor by having this conversation.
Call my bluff, if you like. We're Light Warriors, and Light Warriors get orbs of light.
That's just the way it is. You can be alive or dead when it's done.
I get what I want either way, so... The question is, how do you get what you want?