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Episode 986
Comic 986
Date Published Thursday, May 1st, 2008
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The two mages encounter the most infamous of superbosses: The legendary WARMECH!!!!

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Red Mage and Black Mage heads to the Deathtrap.
Red MageEverything checks out on the pre-flight. This thing might actually be kinda safe.
Black MageWhat makes you qualified to make that kind of judgement?
Red MageMastery of animal husbandry, of course.
Black MageWhy is that your answer for everything?
How is that your answer for everything?
Red MageThere is no problem that cannot be overcome by an imaginative and vigorous use of the animal husbandry skill.
Black MageYou had to use "vigorous" in there, didn't you.
Red MageI've got sketches if you'd like to see what I mean.
Black MageOh, no.
We're done with this topic. Beyond done.
Warmech appears.
Red MageYou're a robot.
WarmechWarmech, actually.
Black MageNope. That did it. I quit.
I can only accept so many impossible things in one day.

The deathtrap being safe, that airships work at all, and his whole animal sex fetish as a replacement for any field of knowledge thing have already strained that limit to the breaking.
Peace out!

WarmechWho says "peace out" anymore?
Red MageSeriously.


  • The title of this episode is taken from the fact that, in Final Fantasy, there is exactly a one-in-sixty-four chance that the player will encounter the enemy Warmech on the bridge where Tiamat is fought at the Sky Castle.
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