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Episode 987
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Date Published May 3rd, 2008
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A Brief History Of Warmech

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  • Outside Sarda's Cave


Red MageWhat are you? Some kind of Butlertron? A Diplo-Matic? Or something else completely harmelss and servile?
WarmechLittle bit about myself. Like I said, I'm Warmech. I used to guard the Sky Castle until someone blew it up.
This came as quite a shock as the Sky Castle was the penultimate artifact of the high-tech lost civilization that built me to guard it many ceturies ago.
Red MageHm, can I just interrupt you there for a moment?
Red MageI saw that castle. High-tech, it wasn't.
WarmechThat's just for show. Neo-Medievalism was all the rage in the final days. I found it to be indicative of the decline in general, to be honest.
Anyway, now I'm hunting down the jerks who put me out of a job.
Red MageTo give them candy, I hope?
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