8-Bit Theater
Episode 988
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Anyone For Tennis?
Date Published May 6th, 2008
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A Brief History Of Warmech

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outside Sarda's Cave


Red Mage Warmech, can I ask you something?
Warmech Shoot.
Red Mage Let's not use that word...
Red Mage If you were guarding the Sky Castle, then how did it get blown up? Also, a dragon owned it, I guess?
Warmech After the first couple thousand years of guarding it against nothing at all, I got a little bored, okay? Maybe I wandered off to take up a hobby, like tennis.
Red Mage Tennis?
Warmech I'm not on trial!
Red Mage No, It's just, I mean, it's not a solitary game.
Warmech It never exactly got to that point anyway. Do you see any arms on me?
Red Mage Ah.
Warmech So maybe in my slightly insane quest to invent an armless one-player version of a game I knew nothing about, one or two things might has slipped by me.
Red Mage Like...
Red Mage Everything that lead to the castle's destruction including a totally hugenormous evil dragon?
Warmech Hey, it's a big castle!
Warmech Was a big castle...
Warmech I'm not on trial!