8-Bit Theater
Episode 998
Happy Little Trees
Date Published Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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The auto-pilot lands and Warmech confronts his quarry.

Cast Appearing[]



The airship landed in a dark, menacing forest. The gang already disembarked.
Black Mage Whew! Thank God for that autopilot, I'd hate to have landed in a creepy evil forest!
Red Mage Well, luckily we have a creepy evil elf who can lead us out.
Thief I'm not creepy.
Black Mage and Red Mage stare at Thief
Thief (with hands in pockets) Uh. Or evil.
Thief Anyway! I'm going to scout ahead while nothing bad at all happens back here.
Thief leaps away from the gang.
Red Mage Well, at least you always know where you stand with Thief.
Black Mage Yeah, at the edge of a very high cliff.
Fighter No, Black Mage, this is a forest.
Black Mage (to self) This is why I hate you.
Warmech appears.
Warmech We have unfinished business.
Black Mage (still to self) This is why I hate everything else in the world too.
Warmech And it's the business of me killing you. Uh, dead. Forever.
Black Mage Get in line Warblech.
Warmech Wait, that's not quite how my name is pronounced.
Black Mage I'm sorry, Boremech.
Warmech It's even less accurate than before! That's no accident!


  • The title refers to Bob Ross who starred in a painting show on PBS.