Fang Lin.jpg
"A hundred opponents are as one to a Tiger Knuckle disciple!"
—Fang Lin

Fang Lin is a character in How I Killed Your Master. A companion of Liu Wong, she is the top student of Fang Yun, and a skilled user of the Tiger Knuckle.


Five years after Wong masters the Five Mantis Fist, he heads towards Fang Yun's desert dojo in hopes of mastering the Tiger Knuckle. Yun, wary of Wong, tests him by forcing him to fight her top student, Lin. Lin swiftly beats Wong, and all the other students in the dojo follow suit. Wong, dejected, learned the virtue of humility, and began to take classes from Yun.

Five years later, Wong saves a impoverished family from a group of muggers. After heading to Xiao Chengzhen, a civil-war torn city, he is ambushed by the same muggers in attempt at revenge. After being soundly defeated, Lin comes to his rescue without even recognizing it as Wong. After doing so, Lin joins him in fleeing from the approaching guards and soon tells him of Xiao Chengzhen's situation.