Fei Xian
"It's been ten years since anyone spoke of my fights because no one has walked away from them in that time."
—Fei Xian

Fei Xian is the reluctant caretaker and master of Liu Wong in How I Killed Your Master. A rather strict character, Fei cares little for people's feelings, even to go as far as insulting his own sons regularly. He is the current master and practitioner of the Five Mantis Fist, a secret fighting style passed down throughout the Fei family.


Much earlier in Fei's life, he was a member of the mysterious organization known as the Five Dragons along with Wong's father Liu Feng. During his time with the Five Dragons, Fei's wife died bearing his two sons. However, roughly ten years before Wong came to Fei's dojo, he left the Five Dragons and abstained from fighting. Fei withdrew to his dojo and with the help of his servant Po, he attempted to teach his children the Five Mantis fist, however, they were incompetent.

When Wong's father died, his final wish was to place Wong under the care of Fei. He cares little for the boy and forces him to become a slave and teaboy with Po, treating him like dirt. However, when Fei discovers Wong's talent, he is surprised and sees the boy's potential, but quickly strikes Wong down. Wong attempts to escape the dojo, however, Fei, seemingly caring for the boy, he forces Wong to train until he is strong enough to properly run away. On the twenty-ninth day of his training, Wong is attacked by the assassins Ji Jiao and Ji Bao. When they followed him back to Fei's dojo, Fei swiftly beats them using the Five Mantis Fist. Fei then explains to Wong that his father, Liu Feng, worked with him in the Five Dragons. Fei then claims that the only way to defeat Xu Li, the martial artist who killed Feng and sent the Ji brothers to kill Wong, is the recreated Feng's style, the "The Divine Fist of the Unconquerable Sky", which was created from many different styles. Fei then promises to teach Wong the Five Mantis Fist to start Wong's journey of mastering every style and finally defeating Xu Li.