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Field of Battle: Top Secret Files
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Date Published Sunday, August 7, 2005
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Profiles for each of the characters in Field of Battle


Special Ops
Code Name: Maniac Eagle
File Name: Samuel Stone
Primary Military Specialty: Infiltration
Secondary Military Specialty: Demolitions, Infantry
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Sam Stone is EZ Company's squad leader. As an expert in the subtle arts of demolitions and infiltration, Sgt. Stone is most at home during covert operations. The men under his command often refer to him as "Cap" or "Captain" even though he is clearly a sergeant.
"Oh look. There's an enemy tank. Perhaps we can disable it with some harsh language."
Code Name: Logical Hare
Primary Military Specialty: Sharpshooting, Scouting
Secondary Military Specialty: Infiltration
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
The man simply known as "Tex" is EZ Company's sharpshooter. He is rarely seen and spends most of his time on long scout missions that serve little purpose other than to make sure everyone knows he's living up to the lone-wolf stereotype.
"I can't believe those morons brought sniper gear to a tank fight. Wait, sniper gear?!"
Code Name: Axe Koala
File Name: Wayne Thomas
Primary Military Specialty: Field Medic
Secondary Military Specialty: Small arms, Infantry
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Wayne "Doc" Thomas is EZ Company's medic. Let's just say the man is kept very, very busy. Slim alone requires several hours of surgery every few days.
"Gentlemen, the stegosaur. Discuss."
Code Name: Engine Ocelot
File Name: Nicolas Richards
Primary Military Specialty: Mechanics
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry, Demolitions
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Nicolas "TK" Richards keeps EZ Company's vehicles running no matter the circumstances. He has about a dozen dangerous ideas every minute. Occasionally they are directed at the enemy.
"Move one inch and I'll show why I only need to use wrenches and shotguns."
Code Name: Wire Camel
File Name: Charles James
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Artillery
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Charles "Slim" James is EZ Company's one-man front line. Someone put a grenade launcher on his rifle. He's never been happier. He is good friends with Doc, mostly because Charlie's primary battle tactic is to be in the worst possible place at the worst possible time.
"Besides, what's he gonna do? Shoot at us?"
Code Name: Lancer Puma
File Name: Roy G. Bivowitz
Primary Military Specialty: Anti-Tank apparently
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Roy G. Bivowitz is EZ Company's newest member. This is why A) They call him Rookie and B) he's the one stuck with an anti-tank weapon.
"I really think you're being rash about this whole thing there's no reason to be rash, dear God, be less rash!"
Code Name: Cannon Lizard
File Name: Aaron McGuns
Primary Military Specialty: Anti-Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: LMGs, Supply Management
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Aaron "Gunny" McGuns is EZ Company's long-ranged, suppressive fire, anti-infantry solution. He is personally responsible for increasing the mean lead content of any nation in which he is stationed by point two percent.
"Fact: Tyrannosaur is the tank of the pre-historic world."
The Enemy
Code Name: Shine Octopus
File Name: Habib Al Omar
Primary Military Specialty: Counter-Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Laundry
Birthplace: UNKNOWN
Habib Al Omar was shuffled through the ranks until he landed a position as Chief of Counter-Intelligence and Interrogation at Hill 403. Due to the non-existant strategic value of this camp, Habib's talents have gone to waste. This has only encouraged him to practice them daily on his comrade.
"When we are done slaughtering the Americans, I am so declaring holy war on you."
The Enemy
Code Name: Refulgent Cat
File Name: Mikal Al Abir
Primary Military Specialty: All forms of combat
Secondary Military Specialty: Cooking
Birthplace: UNKNOWN
Mikal Al Abir was the only soldier stationed at Hill 403, the tactically least important fortification under enemy control, for three years. He suspected his commanders had forgotten about him. Then they sent Habib Al Omar. He'd rather have been forgotten.
"Oh, that's the jerk detector. It detects you."