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Field of Battle Chapter 4
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Sgt. Stone
And the men of EZ Company in...Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
Date Published Thursday, August 4, 2005
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Two insurgents walk into a bar...

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Shine Octopus
  • Refulgent Cat
  • Lancer Puma
  • Engine Ocelot
  • Maniac Eagle
  • Cannon Lizard
  • Wire Camel
  • Axe Koala


  • EZ Company base of operations


Shine OctopusIt's my turn to work the turret.
Refulgent CatYou got to use it last time.
Shine OctopusBut I didn't get to shoot it last time.
Refulgent CatThat's not my fault.
Shine OctopusWhen we are done slaughtering the Americans, I am so declaring holy war on you.
Refulgent CatEvery day you declare a new holy war. Just once, I would like to see one day without a holy war.
Shine OctopusYou ate my falafel!
Refulgent CatMerciful Allah, that was three weeks ago and it was an accident.
Some of the EZ Company are hiding behind a crate...
Engine OcelotYou know hiding behind this crate is an entirely empty gesture.
Axe KoalaHave you seen what a tank shell can do to a human body?
Maniac EagleWhat are they waiting for?
The barrel of the tank is aimed at Lancer Puma's head.
Lancer PumaFrankly, sir, I'm not one to complain.
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