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Field of Battle Chapter 5
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Sgt. Stone
And the men of EZ Company in...Peril At Thirty-Thousand Feet
Date Published Friday, August 5, 2005
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The team goes BRB, mentally.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Lancer Puma
  • Engine Ocelot
  • Maniac Eagle
  • Cannon Lizard
  • Wire Camel
  • Axe Koala


  • EZ Company base of operations


Maniac Eagle Who is that?
Engine Ocelot Him?
That's just the new guy. I was giving him a hard time.
Cannon Lizard New guy, huh? Well, getting the newbie killed in his first ten minutes of service will certainly save us the trouble of giving him a nickname.
Engine Ocelot Ol' Splatterguts.
Axe Koala How about Methuselah?
Silence, as the scene pans from each of the EZ Company members, including Lancer Puma.
Axe Koala See, it's ironic.
Maniac Eagle It won't matter what we call him if that tank crew wakes up.
Axe Koala Man, screw you guys.
Lancer Puma Guys?
I'm gonna make a run for it to open up your line of fire.
Cannon Lizard Wait!
I heard if you don't move, then they can't see you.
Axe Koala You're thinking about Tyrannosaurs again.
Cannon Lizard Fact: Tyrannosaur is the tank of the pre-historic world.
Lancer Puma Can we focus!?


  • Methuselah is a Biblical character from the Old Testament, said to have lived over 960 years, and so is a figure of speech for any living being that lives for a very long time. It's rather ironic, really, that he'd name him Methuselah...on the brink of death.