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Field of Battle Chapter 6
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Sgt. Stone
And the men of EZ Company in...A Coffin Of One's Own
Date Published Saturday, August 6, 2005
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Something tells me they're just jealous.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Shine Octopus
  • Refulgent Cat
  • Lancer Puma
  • Engine Ocelot
  • Maniac Eagle
  • Cannon Lizard
  • Wire Camel
  • Axe Koala


  • EZ Company base of operations


My name is Pvt. Roy G. Bivowitz.
(his eyes narrow)And I'm not going to be killed on my first day.
He leaps over a nearby overturned Jeep and grabs the rocket launcher perched at the tires. He takes aim...beeping can be heard.
Shine Octopus What is that beeping?
Refulgent Cat Oh, that's just the jerk detector.

It detects you.
Shine Octopus That does it!
The tank explodes, with Lancer Puma smiling.
Lancer Puma Did you guys see that?
Engine Ocelot Gunny, how many times are we going to have this conversation?
Lancer Puma Guys?
Engine Ocelot The anklyosaurus is clearly the tank of the pre-historic world.
Cannon Lizard Then the T-Rex is the artillery strike.
Lancer Puma Guys?
Engine Ocelot I can agree to those terms.
Axe Koala Gentlemen?
the stegosaur.
Maniac Eagle Don't let them get you down, kid. You did good today.
Welcome to the EZ Company.
I proved I belonged here that day.
And six months later they finally gave me a nickname based on the outcome of a drunken game of darts.
Now they call me Rookie.
Thank God Slim passed out. If not, I'd be Suzie.