The Fiends from left to right: Muffin, Lich, Kary, and Kraken

The Fiends are four major villains that guard the Orbs, and all are fought by the Light Warriors in order to collect the Orbs.


The Fiends each had one of the Orbs that Sarda ordered the Light Warriors to retrieve. One by one, the Fiends were killed and the Orbs retrieved. Lich gathered the other three Fiends as they died, and the collective four of them have been summoned back from Hell by Drizz'l the Sulk, only to have apparently been killed again by Black Mage.



Lich was the first Fiend that the Light Warriors face on their journey. Upon his death he became the King of Hell. He is of the earth element.


Kary is the second Fiend that the Light Warriors face. She had a habit of killing off her minions to prove she was evil and cruel. She is of the fire element.


Kraken is the third Fiend the Light Warriors fought. He was summoned by the Cultists to destroy the world, but thought that Black Mage was his master. He is of the water element.


Muffin is the last fiend that the Light Warriors faced off against. She tricked Black Mage into a temporary alliance, and quickly betrayed him. She is of the wind element


  • In the original Final Fantasy, the name "Kary" was used as a localization because her real name, "Marilith", could not fit in the dialogue boxes due to differences in Japanese's and English's alphabets. This was corrected in all of the game's subsequent remakes.
  • In the original Final Fantasy, "Muffin" was a six-headed dragon named Tiamat. Tiamat's sprite is used in 8-Bit Theater, but not for Muffin.