From left to right: Fei Xian, Fang Yun, Liu Feng, and two unnamed members.

"We chose to fight for those who could not fight for themselves. We were the Five Dragons. We became legends. And we gathered many enemies."
—Fei Xian

The Five Dragons were a famous group of five martial artists in the webcomic How I Killed Your Master. Rather than participate in petty fights between schools, they chose to fight for more beneficial means.


The Five Dragons comprised of three males and two females, all masters of their respective martial art. Once banded together, the Five Dragons fought only for those who was unable to stand up for themselves. In the years following their founding, their reputation increased, even becoming legends. However, they also gained many enemies and every time one enemy was defeated, another one took their place.

One of the Five Dragons' greatest enemies was Xu Li who was so powerful the group had to disband in order to appease him. However this proved only to be a temporary solution, as ten years later Liu Feng was killed by Xu Li.

Known Members[]

Liu Feng[]

"Liu Feng took from many styles to create his. Some say a hundred, but no one knows. He hid forms within forms to perplex those who might desire its secrets."
—Fei Xian

Liu Feng is the father of Liu Wong and the creator of the Divine Fist of the Unconquerable Sky. His form was synthesized by combining up to a hundred different martial art forms. Before the events of the comic, he was killed by the long time antagonist of the Five Dragons, Xu Li. Feng's last wish was Fei Xian to take care of his son. His father's death eventually convinced Wong to attempt to recreate his style and avenge his death, setting the events of the comic in motion.

Fei Xian[]

Main article: Fei Xian

Fei Xian is the master of the Five Mantis Fist. After the Five Dragons disbanded, Fei returned to his mountainside dojo and led the life of a recluse. He eventually took Wong under his wing, teaching him the Five Mantis Fist, and told him of his heritage.

Fang Yun[]

"Tiger Knuckle practitioners do no measure skill by pedigree. We measure it against each other."
—Fang Yun

Fang Yun is the master of the Tiger Knuckle. Like Fei, she returned to her desert dojo after the end of the Five Dragons. There she trained students, such as Fang Lin, in her martial art. She believes that the true measure of one's skill comes from what they can show, not from degrees. When Wong comes to her dojo after mastering the Mantis Fist, she bouts him against all her students, and in succession, Wong loses to all of them. Afterwards however, he does eventually train under her, now with his mind free of delusions about his own superiority.