Atomic Robo
Flight of the Terror Birds
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Flight of the Terror Birds
Date Published Thursday, August 12, 2010
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The Action Scientists have gone chicken-hunting in the rainforest.

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  • Camp spot near rainforest
  • Unnamed rainforest


Benjamin What do you mean I lost him?
Lang Well, I sure didn't.
Benjamin You lost him as much as I did.
Benjamin He just disappeared. I'm not taking the heat for that.
Three minutes earlier
A large bird's beak plucks Robo up by his head.
Robo Hrk!
Lang Maybe he just went to scout ahead a little.
Benjamin Without this?
He examines Robo's minigun, which was on the ground.
Tesladyne HQ
20 Hours earlier
Benjamin Whoa! We're looking for giant extinct rainforest chickens that might not be extinct. You're packing for an invasion.
Robo (lugging around a minigun) All of human civilization is only the byproduct of our endless war against the insects.
Robo Rainforests are enemy territory, Benjamin. We will be surrounded. Alone.
Robo So, excuse me while I bring the biggest ordinance to the party.
Robo tosses a long canister at Lang
Lang I hear ya!
She is enticed by whatever is inside...
Benjamin Robo, have you ever taken the Tesladyne psych exam?
Benjamin He'd never go out there without it.
Lang Yeah, what was he going to do with that anyway? You can't exactly shoot mosquitoes.
Even huge rainforesty ones.
Lang He can't have gotten far.
Benjamin Robo!
Meanwhile, quite far...
Robo is dropped to the ground.
Robo Mrf!
Benjamin Robo!
Where could he be?
Lang Ben, c'mere!
She sees a large bird footprint...and what looks like Robo's face imprinted on the ground.
Lang I think we got something.
Cut to a cliff with a broken aircraft shell on top
Flight of the Terror Birds
The large avis is carrying Robo by his shoulder.
Terror Bird Werk.
Robo You gonna put me down soon, or...?
It drops Robo inside with a WHUD
Robo Look, just because you're nearly extinct doesn't mean you can treat people like--
Terror Bird (angrily) Wark!
Robo (angrily) Yer not the boss of me.
Terror Bird Sqonk?
Robo What do you--
He sees a bird's nest. It has a hole in it.
Robo Okay, so there's a hole in your nest. What of it?
Terror Bird (angrily) SKWAAARK!
Robo (offscene) Hey, leggo! What're you--!
Robo is used to plug the hole.
Robo Oh, this is good. This is what I need in my life.
Terror Bird Werk.
Robo This is not the life I chose. I'm relatively sure Einstein spent zero time as part of a giant angry chicken's nest.

Heh. Relatively.
An hour later
Robo This is not a standard model of Bohr's daily life!

This would be outside the field of Maxwell's experience!
Several hours later
Robo Uh. Black holes suck. Just like Hawking. Um. Heisenberg, something, something, uncertain.
So much later
Robo Ugh. If there was a kind and merciful god, he'd kill me right now.
Benjamin Robo, hang tight.
Robo Or that's good too.
Benjamin We're gonna get you outta here.
Robo Wait, you gotta get the bird first.
Benjamin (Pulling Robo out by his head) Lang's on bird duty.
Robo Careful, ow, ow!
Terror Bird (catches the two) Squirnk?
Benjamin Oh. Oh, I see.
Robo What? What's happening?
Lang (firing her rifle) Can't take you boys anywhere.
The tranquilizers launch towards the Terror Bird...
Benjamin (pulling Robo out) Hrrg!
Terror Bird Werk?
The tranquilizers latch onto the bird's beak and neck.
Terror Bird Wonk!
Benjamin There!
Terror Bird (displeased) Gronnnk.
Lang Uh, guys? That should've knocked out a rhino.
Robo (socking the bird on the beak) This'll do it.
Ten seconds later
The three Action Scientists are running away...
Robo Punching only makes them angrier!
Lang These are the least extinct birds I've ever met!
Benjamin They've got a real attitude problem too!
Terror Bird 1 Werk.
Terror Bird 2 Skwonk!
Terror Bird 3 Wark.
Robo Keep going, I'll stall them!
Robo punches one on the beak.
Terror Bird Wonk!
Benjamin Robo, hurry! We can't risk getting separated again.
Lang Over here!
One hour later
The three are on top of a thumb-like cliff. They are cornered by five Terror Birds.
Benjamin Well, thank God for opposable thumbs, but now what?
Robo Now we wait for our satellite hook-up to be in range so we can call for help.
Terror Bird 1 Wonk
Terror Bird 2 Werk
Terror Bird 3 Squernk
Terror Bird 4 Guwonk
Terror Bird 5 Wark
Benjamin How long'll that take?
Robo About six hours.
Lang Maybe they'll get tired and go away?
The scenery gradually pans out to see more Terror Birds squawking at them. Then it pans out to the entire rainforest.
Benjamin Man. I gotta go.