"But in all my travels through the nine hells, never did I find such evil, such depravity as I found upon the mortal soil, THE FOREST IMPS!"
A group of weak monsters that live in the woods surrounding the Temple of Fiends. They are prone to mischief.

Role in the storyEdit

They often sabotaged Garland's efforts to do evil in hilariously painful ways. As a result, Garland has a pathological hatred and fear of them, though he managed to briefly cure it for a time. (His therapist turned out to be a Forest Imp.) They also kidnapped Princess Sara once, and managed to stop her from wandering around their territory.


Apparently they are said to have no actual language, simply going "Keeheehee" most of the time. They can write, as well as chant "hoona igna chowa neha."

They are based off an enemy from Final Fantasy, in which they were the weakest enemies in the game.

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