Free Comic Book Day is a once-a-year event taking place every first Saturday of May. Participating comic shops give away specialized free issues from participating comic publishers, supposedly promoting western comics to the general audience. Team Robo participates in this event by giving away their own sets of issues. These comics are available on the Nuklear Power website and each of the issues are available to download for free from the PlayStation Store for the PSP.


Free Comic Book Day 2008[]

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Robo is sent by the U.S. Army to St. Alexandra Island in Siberia to investigate a possible nuclear warhead silo situated there. It turns out there's more to it than nuclear warheads...

Free Comic Book Day 2009[]

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Atomic Robo is sent by French president Jacques Chirac to the French Polynesian islands to encounter a peculiar enemy, who happens to be an extremely intelligent reptile, going by the name of Dr. Dinosaur. It is the beginning of what would seem like a hate-hate relationship.

Free Comic Book Day 2010[]

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Atomic Robo, Lang, and Benjamin scout a rainforest in search of an almost-extinct giant ostrich-like avis. Robo packs a bit too much during the expedition, but that doesn't matter when the avis finally catches Robo.

Free Comic Book Day 2011[]


Robo agrees to guest-judge the National Science Fair, and it draws a lot of attention, wanted and unwanted, particularly Helsingard's...and Dr. Dinosaur's as well.