Atomic Robo
Free Comic Book Day 2008
Bad guy doing his 'Hunchback Hitler' impression
Bad guy doing his 'Hunchback Hitler' impression
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Date Published Saturday, July 12th, 2008
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Koshchey goes into a huge rant while Robo, more or less, listens to him.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Inside Ivan Koshchey's outpost at St. Alexandra Island, Arctic Ocean, North of Siberia


Ten minutes later...
Ivan Koshchey smokes while walking around in a circle. A Combot stands guard beside the restrained Robo.
Ivan Koshchey I invented nuclear weapons a decade before your American scientists blundered into them. It was only theory, but I knew the equations. I knew what beautiful power was locked inside the atom. I knew it as innately as I knew to breathe.
Ivan Koshchey Ah, but Russia, hers are practical people. They had no use for mere theory in those days. Science was not for its own sake, but for the sake of industry.
Ivan Koshchey Can you imagine? Nazis marching to Moscow and I was told there was no use for the most devastating weapon in history!
Ivan Koshchey To be surrounded by folly, such is the curse of genius.
Ivan Koshchey But Stalin, he knew. In my atomic theories he saw the Nazis vanquished from the earth. He saw the nations of man at his feet.
Ivan Koshchey My work was beyond secret. Stalin made me disappear from life, from history. It was as if I had never been. He installed other scientists and put them to work on the nuclear problem to trick the world. No one knew of my work here, of the true Soviet nuclear program. No one but Stalin himself.
Ivan Koshchey But then, my work, my brilliant work, was wasted. The Americans had dropped their bomb first.
Ivan Koshchey They accomplished with a hundred thousand men what I could have done, alone, a decade earlier were it not for the endless bureaucracy and secrecy I was forced to endure!
Ivan Koshchey And so I toiled here at the top of the world, alone, but for my robotic marvels, advancing the science of atomic weaponry.
Ivan Koshchey Oppenheimers, Einsteins, Teslas--each hailed as a genius for echoing theories I produced years before! Each man a mere shadow before me!
Robo So you're building a big dumb bomb to show everyone who the greatest scientist blah, blah, blah.