"Behold the mythical art of Quad-Wielding and it's Dodecarrow storm!"

Generic Half-Elven Dual-Class Ranger (Ranger for short) comes across as the leader of the group. He is a master marksman but is easily fooled by the lies that the Light Warriors feed him every time they meet up. He is half Elven, one-fourth Lefeinian, and one-eighth Orc. He is shortly on "The Wildcats", along with Rogue, Garland, and Fighter McWarrior. In Comic 1059, after Black Mage stabs Ranger's head with a knife, Cleric said in the final panel "Nope, he's dead." However, he was quickly revived by Cleric.


Ranger is a master with the bow and arrow, able to shoot 4(3?) arrows at once from his bow, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series' Barrage or X-Fight, which entailed 4 weaker attacks at random enemies. As a ranger, he is able to dual-wield his bow, and as a dual-class ranger-ranger, dual wield his dual wield to shoot a massive storm of arrows from four bows.


Unlike his fellow Other Warriors, Ranger received a definitive death. After being teleported home by Sarda, he was struck by his own storm of arrows, which had previously killed his wife. Both killings were Sarda's doing.

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