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The Giants are a recurring monster in the 8-Bit Theater universe. They are green creatures that are at least ten times the size as normal humans and carry large clubs. Some dwell in the Giant's Forest or Imp Forest, while others are used as weapons of massive destruction by Elves.


The Giant was the first monster to appear in 8-Bit Theater and one of a handful of monsters to have made multiple appearances in the comic.

Giant's Forest[]


The Giant's first appearance is in Episode 003. After getting lost in the Giant's Forest, Black Mage Evilwizardington and Fighter McWarrior decides to use the "strangely purple rock formation" as a starting point. this was not a rock, but rather the giant's foot. After realizing this Fighter tries to make the giant "sample (his) blade" and asks Black Mage not to stop the battle by using magic attacks on it. Indeed Black Mage does not cast magic and in fact flees with his life, leaving Fighter on his own against the giant.

Fe Fi Fo Fum

In Episode 004 the giant crushes Fighter with his club with little ease. In the next episode Fighter too flees from the giant, with the monster perusing after him. Meanwhile Black Mage encounters Thief who tries to rob him, but Black Mage is picked up by Fighter. Thief then gets stamped on by the giant who is still chasing the heroes.

In Episode 006: Time to make a stand. Black Mage formulates a plan to defeat the Giant. Fighter stops running and is told by Black Mage to "Distract him while I whip up some magic". Fighter confronts the giant and hits his foot with his sword, but it barely scratches him. While Giant pummels Fighter in the following episode, Black Mage reads his Nintendo Playing Guide. Fighter falls flat on the floor, defeated by the Giant. Black Mage then turns towards the giant and unleashes a Hadoken, which not only kills the giant, but obliterates the Giant's Forest, as shown in Episode 008.

Imp Forest[]

Giant's second appearance was when the Light Warriors were escaping from Garland's Castle, Black Mage Evilwizardington triggered a Random Encounter with the Giant.

Red Mage Statscowski then tried convincing Giant that it didn't exist, which didn't work.

It was then killed by Princess Sara using Fighter McWarrior's Sword.

Elf Land[]

Giant was used as a mass destruction weapon by the elves, by being catapulted from Elfland using the Giant Cannon, landing on the ship causing it to fly all the way to Elfland and crash through the ceiling of the Ladies Barracks. The back of another of these giants appears behind Thief and White Mage as they talk in The Epilogue.


  • According to the Nintendo Playing Guide, the Giant has a total of 132 HP, which is exactly the same as the Green Ogre in Final Fantasy, whose sprite is used to depict the Giant.
  • According to the Giant Cannon operaters, Giants weigh 40 tons.