How I Killed Your Master
They talk in this comic? No way!
They talk in this comic? No way!
Date Published Thursday, August 13, 2009
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Finally, some revealing dialogue...

Cast Appearing[]


  • Inside the dojo


The men converge on a small room, where an old man sits calmly on his chair, drinking tea.
Swordsman Master Chan, he's here!
Liu Wong I'm afraid there isn't enough for all of you.
Chan Sen I am Chan Sen, student of Master Xu Li, the slayer of the twenty demons of the North. You know why I've come.
Liu Wong Oh, I can guess. Sit and have tea first.
Chan Sen I raised an army for you. I scoured China for you. My life has been spent in pursuit of you. I will have my tea after I have your life.
Liu Wong It is simple, Chan Sen. You can kill me and avenge your master, or you can listen to me and surpass him.


  • Due to a slight Wordpress malfunction, the comic, meant to be released on Friday, was released Thursday evening.