How I Killed Your Master
"The boy blubbers."
"The boy blubbers."
Date Published Friday, August 21, 2009
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Cast Appearing[]

  • Liu Wong (as a child)
  • A hitherto unnamed old man
  • Fei Xian (first appearance)
  • Po (first appearance)


  • Outside, Beside some steps


Many years before...
A young Liu Wong stands with a cloth hung over his shoulder and tears in his eyes as an old man bows before Master Fei.
Fei Xian (out of frame) What is so important to risk your very life by waking me?
Old Man I come on behalf of Master Liu Feng.
Fei Xian I have never known Master Liu to be a fool, but he appears to suffer the employ of a suicidal one.
Old Man Liu Feng died but two days ago. His school was sold to pay debts, and a rival took his wife. My final charge, given to me by Master Liu himself was to deliver his only child, Liu Wong, to the renowned Master Fei.
Fei Xian The boy blubbers.
Old Man His father died, his mother was taken, his home was stolen.
Fei Xian There is no room in my home for blubbering.