How I Killed Your Master
It's sorta like a family sitcom. Almost
It's sorta like a family sitcom. Almost
Date Published Friday, October 2, 2009
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Well, at least Fei doesn't kill him on the spot...

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Setting[edit | edit source]

  • Fei's dojo

Script[edit | edit source]

Fei towers over the reeling Liu Wong...
Fei Xian Were you not burdened with such a fat body, you may have adequately defended yourself.
Po Master Fei, I heard--
Fei Xian The servant boy fell.
Fei Xian Bring me another robe. The boy ruined this one.
Po At once.
Fei Xian And bring tea if you can do so without making me wear it.
Fei hauls Liu Wong up by the arm with one hand.
Liu Wong I'm sorry... for stealing your style... Master Fei...
Fei Xian My style is a blade tempered by a lifetime of training. Calling those pathetic spasms of yours "my" style is a greater insult than if you had stolen it. You are too weak to learn my style.
Fei Xian Now go. You have chores in the morning. Pray I do not kill you afterward.
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