How I Killed Your Master
Told you so
Told you so
Date Published Friday, October 12th, 2009
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Liu Wong prepares for some action sequences.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Between the river and Fei's Dojo


Ji Jiao Could you take me there?
Liu Wong Of course. It's not far.
Ji Jiao Then I extend my thanks and the thanks of the Liu family.
Liu Wong Liu Family?
Ji Jiao Yes. I have a message from the Lady Liu for her only son, Wong.
Liu Wong I…I…I…
Ji Jiao Do you know if young Wong is still with Master Fei?
Liu Wong (Tearing up) I'm…Liu Wong.
Bao, wiedling a large club, comes out from behind a tree and then Jiao draws his sword.
Ji Jiao How fortuitous.