How I Killed Your Master
The final blow!?
The final blow!?
Date Published Monday, November 30th, 2009
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Fei is still beating up Jiao and Bao.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outside Fei's Dojo


Liu Wong (Narrating) Never like this.
Ji Jiao HA!
Jiao thrusts his right hand forward, which Fei dodges.
Liu Wong (Narrating) The Deflecting Claw.
Jiao tries to chop Fei with his hand again, but Fei blocks it with his left hand. Fei then quickly moves his left arm across and grabs hold of Jiao's chopping hand.
Liu Wong (Narrating) The Master's Rebuke.
With a THWUD, Fei smashes the left side of Jiao's head with a right hook.