How I Killed Your Master
You do realise the next 100 pages will be Fei beating up these guys, don't you?
Date Published Friday, December 4th, 2009
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Fei is still beating up Jiao and Bao.

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  • Outside Fei's Dojo


Cut to Liu Wong, who looks on in awe.
Liu Wong(Narrating) Master Fei moved from one form to another with a ruthless efficiency.
Liu Wong(Narrating) The Grasping Pincer.
Fei grabs hold of Bao's club-wielding arm tightly with his right hand.
Ji BaoHrg!
Liu Wong(Narrating) The Hidden Grip.
Using his left hand, Fei holds down Bao's other arm.
Liu Wong(Narrating) The Crescent Heel.
While still holding Bao, Fei smacks Jiao's head back with his left heel.
Ji JiaoDah!
Cut to Liu Wong, with a smile on his face and thrusting his fist forward.
Liu Wong(Narrating) The Striking Hook.
With a CRAKT, Fei hits Jiao with a powerful right hook.
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