How I Killed Your Master
Dun dun dahh!
Dun dun dahh!
Date Published Monday, December 21th, 2009
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Fei continues to give important insight on Feng.

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  • Outside Fei's Dojo


Fei Xian Xu Li hated your father most of all. Wong, you will learn that petty men covet power, especially power they do not possess. Your father...was powerful.
His style became a legend. In truth, the legends did not do it justice.
Xu Li feared and hated him for it. That is why your father is dead now. Xu Li sent men, like these, to kill him. Poison most likely.
He must have sent these men to kill you as well. That is how much Xu Li fears your father's style.
Liu Wong By I don't know anything about my father's style!
Fei Xian No one does. Liu Feng took from many styles to create his. Some say a hundred, but no one knows. He hid forms within forms to perplex those who might desire its secrets.
Fei Xian He never so much as named it. All he would say of his style was, "I don't know what it's like to hit a man twice."