How I Killed Your Master
That's kinda a mouthful, isn't it?
Date Published Friday, December 25th, 2009
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Fei foresees Wong's destiny.

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  • Outside Fei's Dojo


Fei XianBut as the legend spread it was given a name. They called it The Divine Fist of the Unconquerable Sky. And had you seen it, you'd know there was nothing else to call it.
Fei XianAll I know is whom I am to send you to train under if you master my five mantis fist style.
Liu WongI don't understand.
Fei XianConflict is your life now, Wong.
Fei XianXu Li destoryed your family. It is your legacy to re-create your father's style and destroy Xu Li!
Or you may choose an ordinary life. It will be peaceful and then you will awaken one morning dead; poisoned in the night, as your father was.
Wong gives a determined look.
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