How I Killed Your Master
Haven't we heard this rant before?
Haven't we heard this rant before?
Date Published Monday, April 5th, 2010
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Wong keeps up his streak.

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  • The tea shop in the present
  • The unnamed city


Chan Sen What does this have to do with anything?
Liu Wong Humility, Chan Sen. The first to master the self is to break down the ego. And mine needed a lot of breaking.
Liu Wong I honestly thought my time with Master Fei put me above Master Fang's students.
Being beaten by every one of them, in order, disavowed me of that notion and opening my mind to truly learning from her.
Well, once I able to move' under my own power again. Eventually.
Cut back to the city with Lin and Wong
Fang Lin Do you think it was Master Fang's idea to let us beat you senseless? Or was it in Master Fei's letter?
Liu Wong Lady Fang wouldn't do that to me.
Fang Lin Either way, though? She did.
Liu Wong Hrm.