How I Killed Your Master
Is pomegranate skin even edible? Or maybe it's not a pomegranate at all…
Date Published Monday, June 15th, 2010
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  • A roof in Xiao Chengzhen


Fang LinWhat brings you to Xiao Chengzhen anyway?
Liu WongWandering.
Fang LinThat's it?
Liu WongShould there be more?
Fang LinYou just showed up here? Of all places?
Liu Wong(Eating a baozi) What do you want me to say? I didn't know the name of this place until you mentioned it.
Fang LinBoy, you can sure pick 'em.
Liu WongWhy? What's going on?
Fang LinJeez, Wong. What you don't know about Xiao Chengzhen could fill the ocean. There's a three-way war over the fate of this province and you just walked into the middle of it.
Fang LinThe governor, Yan Yu, he's old. I mean, like how dirt is old. He let General Wen Yuan all but officially take over the court. Yan is nothing but a figurehead and he doesn't even know it.
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